Workforce Investment Management

Address the Healthcare Staffing Crisis
By Optimizing Investment Decisions
To Achieve a Supply-Demand Balanced Workforce

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Why Staffing Is Top Concern For Acute Care Health Systems

Success Driver

#1 Success Driver

Staffing Drives
Patient Outcomes and Experience

Cost Driver

#1 Cost Driver

Staffing Represents
60-65% of Operating Expenses


Supply Demand Imbalance

Staffing is Imbalanced
In Quantities and Expectations

We focus on hospitals' frontline patient-facing staff and their related support

Frontline staff: nurses, physicians, technicians, radiology, transport, housekeeping, food service, admission, …
Related support: educators, recruiters, clear-to-hire compliance, supervisors, management, executives, …

Transform The Hospital Workforce Experience
To Achieve Talent Leadership At
Sustainable Cost Structure

C-Plan is a health tech startup founded by cloud software serial entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to assist health systems in addressing the staffing crisis.

We harness AI technology to optimize hospital workforce investments to improve staff retention, recruitment, and productivity.

Our decision intelligence system processes internal and market data to predict medium-to-long-term workforce supply-demand gaps and optimize investment decisions to bridge those gaps.

Our Predictive AI projects the financial costs of supply-demand imbalances. Our Causal AI simulates key performance indicators (KPIs) and outcomes from workforce investments to inform data-driven decision-making and monitoring.

A key innovation in our solution employs Generative AI to empower frontline, patient-facing staff to participate in decision-making. This collaborative "voice-of-staff" capability enables organization-wide innovation and fosters engagement, alignment, and accountability.

Drawing on over 20 years of expertise in operations research and consumer behavior sciences across diverse industries and three years of focused research in healthcare, our goal is to unlock 1-2% of annual operating expenses to fund incremental investments that drive ongoing enhancements in workforce experience.

Currently, we're partnering with progressive health systems to train our AI algorithms, refine our voice-of-staff innovation, and measure delivered value.

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